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2023 AHUA Art Exhibition: Aurora

Art History Undergraduate Association at UCI, in collaboration with the Students for Health Humanities, presents our health humanities exhibition, Aurora.


The polar lights illuminate the night sky, connecting observers from oceans and continents apart. In the same vein, our art show will illustrate shared experiences from around the state to foster compassion in healthcare. From your brightest hopes to darkest struggles, we warmly invite you to shed light on your stories, reflections, or perceptions related to health/well-being.

People are not defined by their culture, profession, or diagnosis. We encourage everyone to see the light in people and always be a light for each other.

Featured Artists


Aidan McDonald - 10:15 AM

Alfred Timothy Camacho - Teach a Man to Fish

Amira Zayed - "The Only Proof"

Arlene Valdes - "Absolution by Fate"

Celine Kogane - i

Christina Ramos - Make it stop

Christina Ramos - The hole where my heart used to be

Clarissa Cervantes - DEEP

Esmeralda Bobadilla - That Time of Month

Esmeralda Bobadilla - How it Feels

Jade Liu - The Womb

Johanna Shapiro - Searching for the Soul

Justine Di Fiore - Total Care

Lauren Seberos - "Catharsis"

Morgan Grimes - 25 Years of Experience

Natalie Yu - p_zzle

Priyanka Rana - Healing II

Stephen Anderson - Have You Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry?

Tayla Jauch - Peek-a-boo

Tim B. Moore - Stages

2023 Aurora Artworks

(click images to expand)

Hear From Our Artists

Priyanka Rana

Tim B. Moore

Featured Keynote Speakers

Dean Tyrus Miller - Dean of UCI School of Humanities

James Nisbet, Ph.D. - Department Chair of UCI Art History

Lyle Massey, Ph.D. - Professor at UCI Medical Humanities

Leonora Naser-Saravia, B.A. - Program Manager for Medical Humanities and Arts at UCI School of Medicine

Eric Mammen, MT-BC - Creative Arts Supervisor at Children's Hospital of Orange County

Exhibition Booklet

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